Sleep Studies

Dr Cunnington performs both laboratory and home-based sleep studies. Laboratory-based studies provide a more comprehensive assessment, with home-based sleep studies reserved for confirming (ruling-in) a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea in those at high risk for sleep apnea. 

Dr Cunnington will forward your referral to the hospital discussed at your consultation. They will then contact you to arrange a time for your sleep study that suits you.

Once you have a booking with the hospital please arrange an appointment to discuss your sleep study results. (See below) 

Book an appointment to discuss your results

Use the button below to book an appointment to discuss your sleep study results using HotDoc.

Alternatively you can contact Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre directly to book an appointment via: 

Sleep study details

Laboratory-based sleep studies

Home-based sleep studies

Simple device (can be shipped to you):


More complex (need to attend to be fitted): 

Having a sleep study

Request has been sent. 

Hospital will contact you. 

If needed can contact them via 03 9928 6765 or

What's involved in having a sleep study?

Telehealth appointments with Dr Cunnington are conducted using the Coviu platform. You don’t need to download any specific software, just click the button. 

Download more detailed instructions.

To attend an appointment with one of the other doctors working with Dr Cunnington, click the appropriate link below: 

After your sleep study

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What to expect after your sleep study

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