ResMed magnetic mask - product defect correction

On November 22nd 2023, the Therapeutic Goods Administration issued a product defect correction following ResMed updating safety information and warnings for their masks that have magnets. 

Details are available from the TGA website via this link

If you: 

  1. Are using a ResMed magnetic mask from the list on the TGA website (shown on this page), AND
  2. Have an implantable medical device like the ones described on the TGA website (also listed on this page)

You should: 

  1. Stop using the CPAP mask with magnets
  2. Go to your CPAP distributor for a replacement CPAP mask. These are being provided to distributors by ResMed.

Note, a similar product defect correction was issued for Philip’s face and nasal masks that have magnetic clips in November 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email:

Implantable devices of concern

Affected masks


24.11.23 Statement from the Australasian Sleep Association

ASA statement