Several statements reflecting people’s beliefs and attitudes about sleep are listed below. Please indicate to what extent you personally agree or disagree with each statement. For each statement, circle the number that corresponds to your own personal belief. Please respond to all items even though some may not directly apply to your situation
I need 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed and function well during the day.
When I don't get the proper amount of sleep on a given night, I need to catch up the next day by napping or the next night by sleeping longer.
I am concerned that chronic insomnia may have serious consequences on my physical health.
I am worried that I may lose control over my abilities to sleep.
After a poor night's sleep, I know it will interfere with my activities the next day.
To be alert and function well during the day, I believe I would be better off taking a sleeping pill rather than having a poor night's sleep.
When I feel irritable, depressed, or anxious during the day, it is mostly because I did not sleep well the night before.
When I sleep poorly one night, I know it will disturb my sleep schedule for the whole week.
Without an adequate night's sleep, I can hardly function the next day.
I can't ever predict whether I'll have a good or poor night's sleep.
I have little ability to manage the negative consequences of disturbed sleep.
When I feel tired, have no energy, or just seem not to function well during the day, it is generally because I did not sleep well the night before.
I believe insomnia is essentially the result of a chemical imbalance.
I feel insomnia is ruining my ability to enjoy life and prevents me from doing what I want.
Medication is probably the only solution to sleeplessness.
I avoid or cancel obligations (social, family) adter a poor night's sleep