Brugmann Fatigue Scale (BFS)

Please Indicate how likely you are to rest in the following situations. Even if you have not done some of these activities recently, try to work out how fatigued you would feel in these situations. Please Note tat fatigue is a feeling of exhaustion, a lack of physical or mental energy, only to be relieved by rest. 9This feeling is different from drowsiness, which is the almost irreversible need for sleep in the absence of external stimulation)

Mental Fatigue

After having a conversation with another person
After doing a passive mental activity (e.g. watching TV, …)
After performing a focused intellectual activity (e.g. reading a book, …)
After an intense intellectual activity requiring concentration (e.g. studying, calculating, drafting a document, passing an exam, …)

Physical Fatigue

After grooming myself
After climbing one flight of stairs
After performing a household task (e.g. washing dishes, vacuum, cleaning, grocery shopping, gardening, …)
After intense physical activity (e.g. Sports, …)