Dr. David Cunnington

Specialist Sleep Physician

Specialist Sleep Physician, Dr David Cunnington, diagnoses and manages sleep problems. David’s passion for all things sleep, together with his broad training and experience, means no matter what your sleep problem is, David will be able to work with you to improve your sleep and health. 

Sleep telehealth appointments available from anywhere in Australia

Diagnosis, treatment and management of sleep disorders

Specialist sleep physician Dr David Cunnington, provides healthcare to patients with a range sleep problems. With qualifications from two Australian Universities and a Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, David takes a broad approach to diagnosis and management of sleep disorders. David has a particular interest in measuring sleep using a range of technologies and is an expert in the interpretation of sleep data. 

Thanks to his broad experience and qualifications, David is able to use of a range of treatments, including behavioural and psychological strategies, devices and medications to manage sleep problems.

Advocating for and researching better sleep treatments

David is passionate about all aspects of sleep. David loves working with people to help them understand their sleep problems and work towards feeling better, and as a specialist physician, David recognises his responsibility to advocate for and research better sleep treatments. He is actively involved in advocating for better access to sleep treatments. David is also active in researching better treatments for sleep disorders, with recent research projects in insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome.

David has an ongoing commitment to teaching and training health professionals in sleep medicine. He has a Fellow (specialist-in-training) working with him in his practice to help train the next generation of sleep specialists, and serves on committees of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Australasian Sleep Association overseeing training and practice in sleep medicine.

Better sleep for better health

Education about sleep and its importance is a key part of improving the sleep health and overall health of the broader community. David strongly believes in providing freely accessible, evidence-based information on sleep. To support this mission he is a co-founder of the website SleepHub, which provides information on sleep, and produces the monthly podcast Sleep Talk. David also frequently features in public speaking engagements and in the media as an expert commentator on sleep.