Dr David Cunnington, Specialist Medical Practitioner, Melbourne

Meet the Sleep Doctor.

Specialist sleep physician Dr David Cunnington, provides healthcare to patients with complex sleep problems. David is a passionate advocate of sleep health and actively promotes education, research, and advocacy in sleep medicine.

David is actively involved in research projects seeking new treatments for sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy.

Providing evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management for sleep disorders.

With qualifications from Harvard Medical School and two Australian Universities, David’s approach to diagnosis, treatment and management encompasses the use of behavioural and psychological treatments.

Thanks to his broad experience and qualifications, David is able to use of a range of non-drug treatments and medications to manage patient sleep problems.

Always interested in developing initiatives to promote sleep health and wellness in the community, David has an on-going commitment to teaching and training other health professionals in sleep medicine.

David also frequently features in public speaking engagements and in the media as an expert commentator on sleep.

Better sleep for better health.

If you have concerns about lack of sleep, or would like to discuss a sleep disorder or problem, request an appointment , to see David today.

You can also browse his educational website SleepHub, that he has created with his wife, Kris Pierce. Sleep Hub is an online resource of information and support for those who suffer from sleep problems or sleep disorders.

If you’re interested in learning more about common sleep problems or would like to take the Sleep Wellness Quiz for a guide to your sleeping habits, visit SleepHub , today.

If you’d like to contact David please do so via or (03) 9663 1993.

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